natural, true-to-life photography and an inclination to document every colorful detail

Nashville wedding photographer

Welcome to my little creative corner of the universe! 

The Freckled Feather Photography experience is based around imagery that is authentic, classic, and timeless. 

I take a documentary approach to capturing your wedding day.  No shot list, but me guiding you each step of the way, throughout the entire process.  From getting ready to the final dance. 

As long as I can recall, I have seen life in "frames".  Passing moments forever lost in time.  It wasn't until I picked up a camera, that I understood the power an image can hold, the ability to take you right back to that moment as it happened. 

If you are looking for a photographer who will appreciate all of the big and small moments, who truly cares about your wedding day and love story, then you've found your match friend. 

Let's capture your memories, together. 

Nashville wedding Photographer

meet your


not just a photographer

when you hire me to capture your wedding day, I will also be your: 
Dress bustler, location scouter, weather-watcher, light finder, tissue holder, confidant, and so much more.

Your personal hype woman, friend, and storyteller

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There are no strangers here; 
Only friends you haven't yet met.
- William Butler Yeats

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